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zumba events

zumba events


Zumba by Tania Zumba Salsa Dance Choreography

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21 Responses to Zumba by Tania Zumba Salsa Dance Choreography

  • hey tania… it’s Leah. I think I gave you the wrong user name before… try this one.

  • Hi Lisa and thanks so much! :) I really don’t know what Zin its on, but it’s Campeones de la Salsa by Willy Chirino. For sure Itunes will have it. Lemme know how your class likes it ;)

  • Hi Tania, your energy is infectious — LUV your teaching style and choreography, too! What is the name of this salsa song? I know it’s from a ZIN cd, but what number? Is it possible to get it off of itunes? Thanks for posting your classes — you’re inspiring! God Bless! ~ Lisa A. (from San Diego)

  • la coreógrafa un 10 que Geniaaaa

  • i love how u cue your class (so smooth and effortless)

  • you are awesome! I’m gonna try this at my next class!!

  • me parece buenisima la coreo felicidades!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nice Work…:))


  • Wow! I’m glad to have found your work here! I’m gonna steal some of your moves for sure! You are a wonderful dancer.

  • Tania,
    I just love your energy in your moves and also love this song. It has a great build to it and lots of salsa to try. Keep your stuff coming. You are a favorite of mine in Zumba.

  • Hi Azuka! Thanks Mama!!

  • haha I should listen to my Zin stuff for once./…this one is atcually good! haha

  • Hi Penny, thank you! Yes I did Zin 9.

  • Great job Tania, thanks for sharing your work! Have you done a ZIN DVD and which one? Love it♥

  • Tania, you rock! I hope you are able to do a Zin dvd soon :)

  • another awesome one Tania!!!!

  • Great ideas here Tania, Thanks for sharing!

  • awesome! gonna use your ideas for tonight! SWEEET STUFF!

  • its called los campeones de la salsa.. its from zin 18.

  • name of the song? got great new ideas for combos. THANK YOU!

  • I love your choreo Tania!

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