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zumba events


Zumba Abdominal workout to “Años Luz” by Shakira

To really get a good ab workout during this song you have to constantly focus on contracting the abdominal muscles. Thanks again Brenda and Tracie. You’re awesome!

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  • Muchas Felicidades eres genial

  • Yeah i would like to see the waka waka one too pleeeeeaaaassseeeee

  • I seriously just hurt my chest muscles trying to do this the first time. i suppose i need to stretch first>.< other than that this seems fun

  • my mother keep dancing dis lol?

  • i love zumba!

  • i do dis every day !

  • thats fantastic!!! gonna do it every single day! :)

  • this seems fun and i really could use a good fun workout, i’ll be tryin this :)

  • this seems fun and i really could use a good fun workout, i’ll be tryin this :)

  • i lve zumba but i was wonderin if you knew how much weight you can lose doin this xx

  • The people who wonders, if Zumba works, yes it does, its fantastic combination of both fun and workout. I bought XBOX Zumba fitness for kinect around three weeks ago, in start I was only doing 20 minutes, but as soon I was catching up and my stamina started to build, i increased the workout sessions, now I do intermediate levels around 60+ minutes, of course I balanced my diet too, and baam I have managed to get a good shape in 2 weeks and lost 5 lbs.

    It works, its awsome…. :)

  • wow, that was fun! thatnks a ton!

  • wow that was fun, thanks a ton!

  • my first zomba lesson was today!
    am so happy!


  • Love it, going to use it starting tomorrow. Like that you focus on abs, they will too!!!

  • @TamaraJoanneHarvey i have lost 150 pounds with Zumba!

  • Your zumbas are easy to follow! Hey I’m seeing y abs now! haha :)

  • really great vid. thanks for the awesome work out…. I can’t wait for my first time taking zumba

  • your workouts rock!! i cant do the quick arm bit yet though haha but i love your work and the Gasolina routine ^_^ you guys are awesome!!

  • Wow, not easy at all… loved it…

  • Dow n_load this music at media outlet online. Just search it on Gooogle :)

  • this is so much fun! thank you for posting it up!

  • Anos = anuses
    Años = years

    The tilde is very important.

    “Anos Luz” = Light Anuses, not Light Years


  • @rleb09 Thank you for the heads up. Changed it in the title. =)

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