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Zumba is een fitness-programma gebaseerd op de Latijns-Amerikaanse dans. Meer weten?  Klik hier »


zumba events

zumba events



This is my favorite part of the video!

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  • What is the group and the name of this song. Great stuff!

  • It’s not a group perse, it’s Beto’s group from the Zumba video. You can buy it online.
    It is really great!! He’s got different styles. The last one is tango and I’m telling ya, it’s the basic steps but it truly makes you look like a pro! haha.. it’s Awesome!

  • Thank you for responding. I was wondering what the name of the song is. What number DVD is this from? I am Zumba certified and currently teaching this format.I really like the music and the choreography from this piece and want to use it in my class. Please let me know :)

  • what is the name of this song? I think the first is follow the leader and where can I get it from? if it from Zumba what CD is this on?#?

  • Like I said before, this is a song specially for the Zumba class. This is a VHS and I looked it up online for the CD but they don’t it any more. It’s old. Perharps6-7 yrs ago.

  • Thank you for looking into this for me. Darn this music is great!!! I really want it. I will contact a couple of the Zumba Master Instructors to see if they can help out. I will keep you posted. Once again thank you so very much for all your help :) Are you a Zumba Instructor? and if so what city? I am in Vegas with 24 Hour Fitness. I put Zumba at some of my clubs and it is packing out our classes. I love it!

  • Where you able to find that video and music you had asked me about? Unfortunately, I’m not a Zumba instructor but I really like the zumba and bought the VHS while I was still in college some time ago. I don’t think it was this famous. I can see getting a place packed with this type of music and excitement!

  • you can do this routine to “Follow The Leader” its a soca song…

  • Alguien sabe el nombre de la canción de este video: Tecleen en youtube “Zumba basic class” en una morena de USA sando un a clase, La canción me encanta, espero y me puedan ayudar.

  • alguien me podria pasar las canciones de este video…..gracias….

  • hola que tal:
    el video es de los primeros como lo podre conseguir?

  • No te sabria decir. Yo compre este video en VHS hace mas de 7 anos. Probablemente en la pagina de zumba se puede encontrar mas informacion sobre videos viejos.

  • Esta padrísima la coreo. Ojala que pongan a la venta nuevamente esta material

  • i love betooooooooooooooooooooo
    he is so hot

  • Isn’t this call soca?

  • I remember this! This was one of my favorite parts too!

  • alguien me puede pasar esa cancion?

  • no podrias subirlos porfavor los ando buscando esta version

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