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Zumba is een fitness-programma gebaseerd op de Latijns-Amerikaanse dans. Meer weten?  Klik hier »


zumba events

zumba events



Zumba Fitness Reggaeton – XBox 360 Kinect – Split-screen gameplay with MMC

Official website: YouTube channel Vlog channel: FaceBook: Twitter: Music: Zumba Mami Mode: Single Routine Style: Reggaeton Level: Beginner Zumba Fitness for the XBox360 with Kinect support. Split-screen gameplay by MightyMeCreative. If you want to see more Zumba Fitness gameplay, please let me know by using the comments below! REVIEW: Aside from the menu & user interface being difficult to use, I think it’s a great at-home cardio dance workout if that’s your type of thing. I also don’t feel that this game reads me too well with the Kinect sensor & you could tell by the avatar being green for correct movement & red for needs improvement…I feel like I’m doing the moves right! LOL! :D I tried the 45-minute workout & it was tiring; very short 10-second or so breaks in between each song. It did get a little boring at times, so the 20 minute workouts are good enough for me. I still prefer attending live Zumba classes due to the interaction, but this is an awesome substitute. You can even play online with your XBL friends!!! MORE INFO ABOUT THIS GAME: MORE INFO ABOUT ZUMBA: Zumba® Fitness is the Latin-inspired dance-fitness program that blends red-hot international music, created by Grammy Award-winning producers, and contagious steps to form a “fitness-party” that is downright addictive. Since its inception in 2001, the Zumba program has grown to become the

Karmin Shiff feat Juliana Pasini – Zumba Samba (Original Radio)

ADD OFFICIAL FAN PAGE of KARMIN SHIFF: OUT NOW ON BEATPORT: Label & Edition: Smilax Records / Publishing Distributed: Global Net Support: Cd & Digital Track CD: Original Mix Original Radio Edit Remix Alex Barattini Rmx Stylus & Key Blacks Rmx Manuel Costa Rmx Dj Chick Rmx Joe maker Rmx Federico Palma Rmx Giovanni Guccione Rmx Karmin Shiff & Joe Maker Rmx Youtube: Myspace: Facebook Official Page Fan:

Zumba fitness PS3 Move video game quick review/demo 11/18

Got the game today (11/18) and now wish I’d waited to see some of the reviews first. My first impressions are not good. The game has some overall good points (music) but the hip belt controller holder concept is a big FAIL. When I had the controller in the belt holster, during play it easily hit the buttons that paused the game, so i took it out and held it instead… and discovered I could wave it around in any manner, even sitting, and get great scores. And the tutorials are kinda useless — they don’t count steps or tell you when to switch sides or… anything. It’s all just watch and copy, no vocal instruction. And they are set at a ridiculous pace, which is what I’m demonstrating here. Just move a teeny bit faster and bam! tutorial over! If you could return video games… not sure I’d keep this one. Just found this Now this is what the tutorial SHOULD have been like! I can enjoy the game more now after seeing steps broken down like that. :)

Zumba Fitness – Official Launch Trailer | HD

Dance yourself into shape, fatty. PRE-ORDER: Zumba Fitness – Zumba Fitness – Official Launch Trailer | HD Developer: Pipeworks Software Release Date: Dec 1, 2010 Genre: Fitness Platform: Xbox 360, PS3, Wii Publisher: Majesco Entertainment Website: ESRB: E (Mild Lyrics) FOLLOW XboxViewTV on Twitter

Destination Summer 2011 – Karmin Shiff – Zumba Samba + Lyrics / Testo – soon on ( Zumba Fitness)

ADD OFFICIAL FAN PAGE of KARMIN SHIFF: BUY: Copyright Visuals by: Ministry Of Sound, Defected Music, UMG – Listen and Comment, Please, Very Hit Summer!!! Karmin Shiff ft. Juliana Pasini – Zumba Samba (Video Remix ) Zumba Samba Brasil, sou brasileir…


Classic Game Room plays a variety of Majesco published games and watches demos of Crafting Mama, Swords for Wii, Monster Tale for Nintendo DS and ZUMBA FITNESS for Xbox 360 with Kinect. Mark fails at dancing, asks about chainsaws, cuts through zombies like butter and totally digs Monster Tale. Thank you to Majesco for taking the time to talk and show off a wide compliment of family friendly games that should appeal to a wide variety of gamers on various consoles. This E3 2010 demo of Majesco games shows gameplay from Monster Tale on DS showing game play from the awesome debug unit. Also watch gameplay of Crafting Mama on DS and Swords on Nintendo Wii with sword fighting game play. Zumba Fitness is a dancing game that reads your moves and scores you accordingly. It’s a fun, well made game that would benefit from a chainsaw add-on pack.

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Zumba’s a great workout! Go to to learn an unusual tip for a flat belly

Zumba Fitness Class in Virginia – Sterling Reston Ashburn VA – Instructor Vanessa Ledesma

Zumba Fitness at its best! Find Vanessa on or join our group on Facebook (search for ‘Fans of Vanessa Ledesma’). She teaches in Sterling, Reston, and Ashburn, Virginia. This is footage from the June 2009 2 hour Zumba master class in Reston, VA. Led and choreographed by Certified Zumba Instructor, Vanessa Ledesma.